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One data source takes on two challenges: Customer targeting and income verification

By Kevin Sheetz

For lenders, finding people and businesses asking to borrow money isn’t much of a challenge.

How to find and vet one of the trickiest customers: Microbusinesses

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Microbusinesses are a diverse bunch. They range from cake decorators to nano-breweries, with a few

Powerlytics to help Avant accelerate income verification

By Powerlytics Team

Powerlytics has just received another strong endorsement of its ability to drive business insights through

Forget Silicon Valley startups. The healthiest small businesses are in Olean, New York.

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At a glance, Olean, New York seems likes a familiar story. For decades, it has

The secret to improving insurance retention

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For insurance companies, finding new customers is expensive. By some estimates, advertising and commissions can

What most businesses get wrong about market segmentation

By Kevin Sheetz

Market segmentation is one of the truly powerful tools to come out of the big