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Welcome to the Powerlytics Blog

By Kevin Sheetz

We introduce this dynamic new tool as an exciting forum to provide our followers with

Articles about Eve

By Jose Plehn-Dujowich

Let There Be Eve Eve By Andrea Comer, September 23, 1999 LET THERE BE EVE

For Middle Class, Student Loan Debt a Powerful Economic Indicator

By Kevin Sheetz

Americans owed nearly $1.2 trillion in student loan debt as of March 2015. That’s trillion

The #1 Tool Needed to Meet Ability to Pay Regulations

By Kevin Sheetz

Despite some market turmoil, 2016 has shown several positive signs of economic growth: The Fed’s

Better Data, Smarter Risk: What Improving Default Models Can Do for Lenders

By Kevin Sheetz

One of the only certainties in commercial lending is that some loans won’t be paid

Who Donates More to Elections – Wealthy Businesses or Wealthy Consumers?

By Kevin Sheetz

The presidential primaries are in full swing, and as is the case with every election,

Where is the Financially Healthiest Place in America?

By Kevin Sheetz

We live in a data-driven world. Abundantly available information drives product research, validates purchases, and